Supernatural Experience

This my story about supernatural experience. Around a week ago I was walking my dog in the evening and the streets were silent, no people nor cars in sight. No noise other than our footsteps. The moon was hidden and the street lights were the only thing illuminating the street.

My dog stopped to do his business so I picked it up after he had done and when we continued walking. But I detected a figure on the other side of the road, under the orange light of a lamp stood a man. He was not there before I pick up my dog’s business or when I came down the street. His face was concealed and his body was faded.

He wore a black suit and a hat of some sort which is what covered his face. My dog is a brave dog (being a German Shepard) but even he whimpered. I bent down to comfort him, looked up and the man had gone. My dog instantly stopped whimpering and went back to normal after the suited figure had completely disappeared with no sound and he left no trace.

When we got back home, an hour later the lights dimmed (I don’t have dimming lights) and my dog whimpered again. The room was cold for half a minute or so and then everything went back to normal. The coldness went and the lights brightened again. I have not had any other experiences or contact with this man since this experience (and hopefully I wont) but it just freaked me out so I decided to share my experience with other people.