In late February, I stayed at a business hotel in Tokyo in my business trip. The next morning, when I was eating morning at a restaurant on the 1st floor of the hotel along with my colleagues. The police car stopped in front of the hotel, I saw a police officer coming in. What is it? While I thought that the number of police cars increased rapidly. Since I came up to rescue.

“I will see it for a while” Just saying. Leaving my colleague, I got on the road in front of the hotel. Outside we could not see it from the restaurant window. Ambulances and masking patrol cars are making rows. Many passers-by persons stopped looking up at the hotel. When I got hurt and looked at it. Hanging the hand on the roof of the hotel. I saw a human being hanging.

Kick the outer wall with a foot. I heard that the crawlers are going to wax and they are moving with clams. By the way the hotel was ten stories high. I was surprised to see it for a while. I noticed that it would be difficult to see disgusting things as it is. I decided to return to the restaurant.

My colleague got to the table. “What was it?” Because I asked, “People are hanging from the rooftop” I just answered. My colleague seemed surprised. I will not go outside to see it. Somehow the conversation was gone and two people were eating meal. About five minutes as it is. I wonder if it was saved because there was not any movement. At the moment I thought,

“Burn!” I heard a loud noise. I look up at my face with my colleagues without thinking. “It fell out..” My colleague said to murmur. I nodded and continued to eat silently as it was. After a while, the policeman stuck the blue vinyl sheet outside the window of the restaurant. However, as the windows came up. You can not hide everything on the seat. I could see the outside from the gap.

I was seated next to the window. I was drinking coffee so as not to mind as much as possible. Soon the firefighter could see the tanker beside the window. I suppose I did not want to see it. Nature and eyes are sucked. It was put on a tanker. The euphemism of a human type covered with white sheets appeared in the eyes. Is it because it is dead that is covered up to the face?

It was a moment in time. The whiteness of the sheet remained burning in the eyelids and it was disgusting. Two days later, after returning to the company after completing a business trip. Since it overlapped with the weekend, I went to work on Monday after a long absence. My colleague was absent. He said he was in poor physical condition. Sync girls “You got a bad illness in Tokyo? Are you okay?”

I was made fun of. As I was out of business, I did not seem to be feeling well. I wondered. When work finished. To see a visit to see the state of the rose. I dropped in at a condominium where my colleague lives. I went up to the seventh floor with an elevator. When I visit my colleague’s room. I made a bear under my eyes. A colleague with a strangely tired expression welcomed me.

“Are you ok? Are you eating meals?” When I heard, my colleague smiled lightly. “Oh, because I can not go outside, I’m eating a pretext instant.”

“Is that bad? Well then I’ll get something. What do you want?” To ask me. My colleague showed a look like crying. It seemed obviously mentally challenging.

“I can not do it, either in an elevator, or in a stairway, there are people.”
“Who are you, is it debt collection or something?”
“It’s not like that! Why am I, why..?”

My colleague burst into tears. I thought that the latin did not open. For the time being I invited you out to eat meal. My colleague hated me hard to go outside. The contents of the refrigerator are almost empty. Because it was a state that there was no shopping. Unavoidably I told you to go buy me. I went outside the entrance. Please inform the company about the situation of your colleague. Or inform parents. While waiting for the elevator while thinking that. The elevator which came up from below passed by the eyes.

In the elevator the door is made of glass. I could see inside from outside. In the elevator passing by. I could see a low figure like a child for a moment. The elevator will stop at the top floor. It did not come down easily. Even if it takes about 5 minutes, I feel disgusted by an elevator that does not seem to come down. I decided to get off the stairs. It’s on the seventh floor, but it is not too painful if going down.

Opening the stairs door. Because there are not people who usually use it much. The air stagnated and there was dirt. As I get off for a while. I heard someone coming up from the bottom. There are people who use the stairs. As I descended a little surprisingly. I passed the thing that came up from the bottom.

It was as tall as a child. A face is a middle-aged woman. It looks like anywhere, but the position is different. The face is far below the original place. It was around Mizo Ochi. Is it a good feeling to feel like I pushed my head with a strong force? Arms are open slightly upwards. Every time I walked I was shaking. I breathed a lot with that. I could not even shout. Foot solidifies. It was as if I was watching a nightmare.

The woman was stiffened next to me. Climbing stairs with Hyo Ko Hioko. Eventually I heard no sound. I cried out loudly as if the bondage was solved. Despisedly descending the stairs. I ran away from the apartment. I ran to a convenience store. I called a colleague in a bright place. I was in a hurry. My colleague was unexpectedly calm.

“That is a woman who jumped. I did not see a tanker at that time. Eyes match eyes being carried. Collapsed, only eyes can be seen big with big eyes. Even though there were so many police and fire fighters, why am I?” My colleague sighed greatly. After a while his colleague left the company and went back to the country. He said that parents are safe because they are in a flat shop.

The mysterious thing is. My colleague said that he saw a woman on board a tanker. Indeed, the tanker was put on the tanker. People could not have seen it. Since that day. I try not to use the stairs when possible. I thought of having passed Inits again. It’s scary because I can not use it.