Taxi Driver

Wong has been a taxi driver for over 30 years in the state of Penang, Malaysia. He generally prefers the night shift as the fares charged are higher. One night as he was driving at 3 am, when a lady waved at him at Bukit Gelugor. As it was a poor night out, he was glad of the extra customer. Bukit Gelugor has one of the most affordable housing in the state of Penang.

Over the past few years, Bukit Gelugor has witness the falling down of traditional villages as new residential properties sprout on former grazing land. After she has told where she wanted to go the taxi took off. It sounded a bit strange as it was in the area that was quiet deserted. However, the taxi driver did not say anything about it as they have a right to their privacy.

He tried to make some small talk like the price of food nowadays, but she does not seem interested as she was nodding off. Maybe she is just tired as the taxi driver thought as he drove in silence. When they reach the right destination, the lady got off the taxi and paid the fare without saying a single thing.

The taxi driver decided that it indeed a slow night and he might as well go home. As he was reversing the taxi, he noticed a shawl at the back passenger seat, the lady passenger must have left it. He desperately looked at the surrounding area but there was no sign of the lady passenger.

He looked around the neighborhood to look for the lady and at last he gave up. As he was turning his taxi, with a sigh of relief, he saw the lady in a small side road. He drove quickly to the side of the road and pulled over and he said, “Lady! You left your shawl”.

The lady who was squatting beside the road and slowly turned to face the taxi driver and her mouth was all open and was covered with blood. Shock stricken the taxi driver just sped off as fast as possible! The taxi driver was very sick for 2 weeks. As he said, driving a taxi is really tough but an incident like this is too much. He has since retired.