Temple of Death

Fire occurred at Ssangyong Temple (kana) located in Takefu-cho (present, Echizen-shi, Fukui Prefecture) past midnight on March 19, 1934 (Showa 9). Around the fire, it burnt down leaving behind a non-moving hall and a corridor leading there. As I was rushing in, I could not find the temple’s priesthood and family, so I searched for neighbors’ houses and dancer, but I did not stop by anywhere. Finally I visited the man’s house named Takeboshi, Kiyosuke (pseudonym, then 58 years old) who lives in front of the temple’s gate.

“Kiyosuke, did not the temple’s priesthood come to you?”
“Oh, I went to the front of the house saying” I will go to the police.

A while ago The police who heard this testimony returned to the scene and reported this to the judicial supervisor. Bodies will be found one after another from the burn mark. The body of the maid room was hardly burned and was dead with wearing a futon. There is a deep cut in the wrist and back of the head.

Six body bodies were finally found from the temple, and it turned out that there was no evidence that smoke was inhaled, and they were dead before the flames went up. In Ssangyong-ji, there are a priest (42 years old), a wife (40 years old), an eldest daughter (18 years old), a daughter (8 years old), a three women (6 years old), Makoto Mutsuko (pseudonym · 23 years old) Seventy people (58 years old) lived, but only the priest was missing.

For this reason, the search for the monk started, but he was founded walking by marching at Ouzako village (present · Echizen city) and was taken along. The monk who saw the burned main hall stared down and sat down on the spot and burst into tears. For the first priest, the first suspect was out of the investigation line because there was a perfect alibi that he was hiring while he was making a fuss.

Even the family members did not find anything to be particularly grudged, and as a reason for fostering a family, there was no other thing except that my wife was asleep with tuberculosis. The detectors discovered that there was a bunch of letters in Yuiyuki Lee of Mutsuko Makoto who left a burn in partly when searching for burn marks, “What would lead to some sort of incident resolution.

All these letters are love sentences, they come from three different men. The name of the man from the bus driver, the man who is a fisherman in the hometown of Mutsuko, emerged from the sender, but the name of the sender is torn and the other is not understood. It seemed to be an old man from writing handwriting etc.

The driver’s man was called to the Takefu station and asked the relationship with Mutsuko. Although I admitted having been a love affair, there was no intention to marry Mutsuko-san with a strong feeling, and there was an alibi that he was in his parents house at the time of the incident. Even for the fisherman who called next, it was the same.

And, who was the last sender to be left, that means, that time passed without the person being able to be found. A few days later, the police rushed to the scene just after the fires remembered something. It is a testimony of Kiyosu living in front of a gate. He said that “The priest went to the police through the house and went to the police, but there is no evidence that the priests jumped out outside and there is no reason for Kiyosu to see it.

Although Kiyosuke was carried on immediately, it disavowed against the interrogation to the last. However, the situation in a detention place is strange. “Wow, please help me out! Please get out!” When the guard rushed to the station, Kiyosuke said “I made a noise”, but that kind of thing lasted several times.

Without letting me out of the detention house, when the chief investigator heard a story, “I am sorry. Sorry, the six people of the Ssangyong Temple now come to the detention center with bloody appearance, I can not go to where I am going I’m waiting for you at the gate of the temple Because it is said that it is said to be in, it will not be frightening. I will tell you all and forgive me.”

He said that he confessed that he had killed six people with a pale face. Because Kiyosu lived in front of the temple, he was closely related to his family. After having witnessed my wife, I improved my girlfriend and I got a reputation of goodness. The motive behind the crime is still a relationship with Mutsuko. It was the “Nirvana Day” on February 15 when Mutsuko-san and Kiyosuke first hired in the same temple from this spring touched the first time.

On this day when the Buddha’s entrance celebrates, it was customary to have a dumpling dumpling in the temple to the believer. Kiyosu also took grandchildren, went to get dumplings, said that he talked for the first time. The story was also a light taste, “Dumplings look delicious, but your butt still looks yummy”. Mutsuko also went to the main hall with a joke.

Mutsuko is not particularly a type of beauty, but it seems there was a place to love men. I can also see a funny personality that makes me joke. Kiyosuke was absorbed in Mutsuko after this. Kiyosu who opened the front door to return home from a public bath came across with Mutsuko who is trying to enter the door of the girl with a mistake on the evening half a month before the incident.

Kiyosu tried to speak to him, but he could not hear, Mutsuko entered as it was. Kiyosuke did not return straight to his house but was lurking in the shade of the Rokko-zo inside the gate of the temple. Mutsuko waited for her to return. After about 30 minutes, Mr. Mutsuko returned to the temple with the sound of caracolor and geta.

When Kiyosu called out from the dark, Mutsuko shocked for a moment but immediately he realized that he was a civil servant. Kiyosu grasped her hand, but was immediately handed as “What you do, it is obnoxious!” Even so, Kiyosu, who does not move, draws Mutsuko’s hand and brings it into the plate enclosure of the bells cherry blossoms.

The two who had a relationship here, after this, met at the gate of the temple, and continued the relationship with the separation of the house of Kiyosaki. When I still could not meet, I was prompting a letter. On the day of the incident, Kiyosumi also tried to meet her, but Mr. Mutsuko said to Mr. Mutsuko, “It is not convenient as a guest arrives, I will go to tomorrow night” and was refused.

However, Kiyosuke could not wait and entered the temple at about 10:30 pm, when he entered the temple, he did not talk. When I tried to open the door of the maid room, “I guess the customer has already left,” I saw another one in the room besides Mutsuko. I can not see the face well, but I sleep with the futon together. It was clear that Mutsuko had a relationship with men besides him.

Kiyosuke who fell back to this quickly returned to his home and returned to Ssangyong Temple with handbags handbags as hands. “Mutsuko, come out for a while!” When Kiyosuke called out from outside the window, the window opens, “Old man, what for you?” Mr. Mutsuko looked up. There was no man in the maid room, Kiyosu came in from the window.

“Who is the man who was sleeping here now?” When Mr. Kiyosu says, Mutsuko answers with a flat face.
“My priesthood and” Kiyoshi began to shout at such attitude.
“If you have a man besides me, I will kill you.”
“If you are a resident more than you died, you will be the wife of this temple if the previous guest or the wife who is sleeping with lung disease dies.”

Kiyosu who heard of it shook up the slush knife and shouted “kill you,” but Mutsuko returned from the word “men immediately kill, say to kill, but kill if you can kill” It was. Although I intended to threaten Kiyosuke, I meant to stop the cutting edge at about one degree from her head, but I stabbed her in the hand trying to protect my head, blood spouted out. Mutsuko raised a loud voice saying “Murderer!”, Rolling around, Kiyosuke stabbed her head.

An angry voice, a scream, a sound, and the like were echoing in the temple. When the priest rushes to the maid room, Kiyosuke said, “I can not keep this duty alive,” pulled back the escaping priesthood, stabbed his head and killed him. I also killed the eldest daughter who woke up. The wife of the priest who had been sleeping in the next room tried to escape desperately by crawling out of the futon but still stabbing his neck and killing him.

And they did not notice the commotion, and they killed two young girls asleep as soon as possible. When Kiyosu returned to the maid room, Mutsuko who crawled out while holding a deep wound near the exit of the main temple of the temple was breathed out. Kiyosu carried the bodies to the maid room. Kiyosu, who brought back a large amount of blood, suffered water from the head in the well and washed the whole body with a match with the tempura oil that was in the kitchen and returned to the main hall, sprinkle oil between the eight mats and six mats, and fire I turned on.

And while the flames were burning up, I tried to die together with Mutsuko’s body, but returned to me with a voice saying “fire ah!” In my neighbor, I got into my futon back home. Although the above is due to the confession of Kiyosuke, Kiyosuke has since turned into an innocent release on trial. The chance to overturn self-confidence was from a word of a guard survey on the way to a prosecutor’s office one day.

“Kiyosuke, you have been decided to death without a trial, etc. And if you become the capital punishment it will lead you to hell.” Immediately after this, Kiyosuke will deny any crime. For this reason, the prosecution side needed to find physical evidence and investigated the site again. From the burned marks, there was a knife kitchen seen as being used for murderous behavior, but as a result of appraisal at three, four and Kanazawa medical university, neither human blood was recognized and it did not become evidence.

In this case, the rival asahi at that time and the Fukui branch office of the two newspaper companies of the day were in conflict with respect to the real criminal, measures for invalidating the article were taken from the upper district of the prefecture. For this reason, the incident was localized about the incident, not a well-known incident nationwide.