There Was Something There With Me

I stayed in one of the rooms in Sorthes Hall as a student in 2012. I always felt like there was something there with me. I just put it down to homesickness or just nerves to a new place on my own. After a month or so I started hearing banging in my room, again I put it down to the girl in the room over to me but it was loud and half the time sounded as if it was beside my head. The banging stopped after about a week of me noticing it and I just got on with my new student life.

I managed a couple of days with no noises or strange feelings, then without setting an alarm I was finding my self sitting bolt upright in bed at exactly 6am every morning for 3 mornings in a row with an overwhelming sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. It really was putting me on edge. I even rang my family to make sure everyone in the family was ok, they were.

I had a full length mirror that had been wedged in between in the wooden coving on the ceiling of my room and the wooden coving at the base. It was a perfect fit. I did have to use some force when I moved in to get it into the space but it was like it was meant to be there. I remember felling really happy about the fit of this mirror when I moved in (bit sad I know.) On the fourth morning I woke again at 6am, same feeling of dread, I was instantly drawn to the corner of the room where the mirror was.

The second I was drawn to it I heard a massive high pitched squeak and the mirror came out of the corner, flew across the room, hit the central partition of the desk in the room and shattered into a million pieces. I know what your thinking it just fell, right? No! The central desk to where the mirror stood was a good 5 feet away. If it had just fallen then it wood have only hit the floor space where it was stood.

Needless to say I ran from the room extremely shaken up. I gave it a couple of minutes to compose my self in the communal kitchen. Needless to say if you have ever lived at Storthes Hall then you know you have to close the door of those stupid “ensuite bathrooms” to be able to get out of the bedroom door.

I decided to be brave and try and go back into my room to clean up the broken glass, thinking I was just being silly. I grabbed the dust pan and brush form the kitchen and snook back across the hall so as not to wake up my other room mates. I opened the door and it hit something which gave me a shock. I let go of the door startled, shook my head and tried again. It wasn’t till then I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back in.

The bathroom door had been opened all the way up against the room door. I wouldn’t have been able to get out if id have opened it, same as I couldn’t get back in. I had to get one of the caretakers from the reception to come up and try to wiggle the bathroom door shut so I could re gain access to my room. It took him some effort and even he asked me how id managed it. I had to tell him what had happened because he saw the mess of the glass still all over the room once we got back in.

He just gave me a strange look. I’m sure he thought I was nuts. Probably the same as most of you guys reading this will too. Unless you guys have any similar stories, please feel free to share them. id love to read them I have a few more spooky experiences a bit more shocking than this one, give me a heads up if you would like to hear them.