Third Eye

Third eye is a belief that some people have the ability or the foresight to see the supernatural, ghostly figures, or images in everyday’s life. This phenomenal is quite common in certain religions like Taoism, Hinduism etc. Jackie Lee since young was born with the ability of the third eye. When she was 13 years old, she was walking after school when she was near the high-flats she heard a loud shattering thud in the pavement.

Terrified, she saw a woman had felt onto the ground floor and was sprawled facedown and her whole face was covered with blood. Startled, she looked desperately at the other people about her but everybody was busy, like something nothing happened. When Jackie relooked about her, she saw nothing, no sprawling woman, no body.

With a deep breath she starting walking away from the high-flats, when she heard another ear-splitting thud and she realized that it was the same woman falling to her death again. It was repetition of the image of her death, over and over again. Jackie quickly said some prayers and hurriedly walked away.

On another occasion, when she was 15 years old, she was invited to her friend’s birthday at the condominium home. It was a BBQ at the swimming pool and most of her friends were there. She saw an older man beside the swimming pool who was not only smiling but waved happily at her. Thinking it was one her friend’s uncle, she did not think about it further.

However, feeling a bit awkward Jackie quickly waved back at the older gentleman. She noticed that several of her friends were looking at her strangely. Some of her friends asking her that night and she told them that she saw an older man, but they absolutely saw nothing. In fact, her friend said it sounded like an older neighbor but he died a few weeks ago. Fortunately Jackie lost her ability about the third eye when she was 52 years old.