Training Camp

I think there are some mysterious parts, but it is all true story. When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to the brass band, not becoming a physique of the exercise system. Of the approximately 40 members, there were only 3 or 4 boys, including myself, and I was in charge of clarinet. After the summer vacation, we decided to do strengthening training camp for the prefectural convention, and a week’s training camp started in a mountain lodge in the mountain.

There was no cooler in the lodgings, it was unusually hot and humid, and insects came in from the window frequently, the environment was quite bad. Even so, since I wanted to have a good result at any prefectural convention, I put up with everyone and tried hard at practice. And that dreadful incident happened on the evening of the fifth day of the training camp. After the evening practice of the day was over, all the members took a fireworks at the lake near the dormitory.

Since the S part of the same part says that he does not want to go to fireworks for the reason “because it is stabbed by insects”, he left the ladle without leaving S child. When I was walking along the way to the lake along with S friends A beautiful and K Mie, suddenly A beauty declared “I will bring S child as well” and decided to return to the dormitory.

Back to the dormitory A beauty went to a private room and called S child. But there is no child. I searched for a dormitory by three people, but there was no S Son anywhere. I thought it might have passed by somewhere and headed for the lake again. Fireworks had already begun when we reached the lake. I tried looking for S child there, but I did not have it. When saying that S teacher is gone by adviser teacher, S kid surely said fireworks here surely until a while ago.

I wondered a little wonderfully, but for the time being I tried to search around the lake for the time being. It was when I came to the lake boat station. Casually looking at the other side, people like S child were standing by the lake. “Oi, S child!” A beauty and Kie shouted loudly, but there is no response anywhere over there. I often looked at the S child with my eyes full of eyes.

There was a distance to the far bank, and it was dark and the visibility was bad so I could not see it clearly. But Dawn! When the lake was shone brightly with the sound of the big fireworks, we got frustrated watching S child. Sure it was S child. I saw clearly the white dress I was wearing. But. The face of S child was unbelievably crushed by Gushagusha.

I can not grasp the position of my eyes, nose, mouth at all with blood. I do not even know if it is really a face. It looked as though it was just minced on the face. A cried A beauty. K Megumi was only trembling while shedding tears. S child stared at this with the eyes that no longer exist, with his face facing here. I knew only that we were looking at us, even though there was no face.

At that time, I ran away in the woods with too much fear, leaving them in the lake. I forgot everything, I was just running at full power. I think that it would not take as long as five minutes to return to the place where everyone is wearing fireworks. I was completely upset at that time, so I still can not remember what I was talking to everyone. After calming down a bit, I remembered that A beauty and K Megumi had been left at the boat station, I told it and all the members took me to the boat platform.

Many of the members were joking at half price, but only adviser teacher had a steep look. When a member asks the teacher “I really wonder what the S child did,” the teacher “I’m sure it’s okay. No matter how much face there is to be shit, you can not do anything,” While laughing lightly with laughter etc, the face was attracted. All the members searched for the lake area, but eventually I could not find S child, only A beauty and Kie falling down at the boat stand were found.

As that night was late at night, I decided to return to the dormitory as it was, so I could not understand where S child was. The next day the adviser called the police and asked him to search around the lake, incredibly uncovered the dead body of S child from the bottom of the water near the boat platform. Moreover, the corpse’s neck was lost as if it had been cut away with a sharp knife.

Most of the members were disappointed with sudden events, and they burst into tears. There were some police questions by members, “Where was the last place you brought in contact with Mr. S?” In response to the question, most of the members answered that they were lodgings, but five people, including the teacher, said they saw them on the lake when they were doing fireworks. But they say that they did not talk to her directly, they just saw the figure.

The camp was canceled and the members returned to school by bus, and it was decided to dissolve as it was. The police continued investigating this incident as a murder case, but eventually, afterwards, nothing was found in the lake, and the truth of the case was. It remained a mystery. A beauty and K Megumi were mentally out there, even if the summer vacation ended, they did not even come to school, not just club activities.

And one day I was called by an adviser teacher and I heard this story. On that night, my teacher confirmed the appearance of S child while he was doing fireworks but then he lost sight of him, he said he saw her lying on the other side of the lake after a while. At that time it was said that he thought that there was light of fireworks and thought that it was something’s mistake, but he said that the face of S child who was over was staining red as if painted with red paint.