True! Ouija Board

Hi everybody, today I am here to share my own horrifying experience and to warn all of you to stay away of “ouija board”. I am a 23 year old woman, from India. I am always facinated by paranormal stuffs. So one day me and my friend tannu decided to try out an ouija board. So we got one and decided 2 work on it the same night.

She came over to my house at 10.00 pm. We had our dinner and started the seance at around 12.15 am. I am a bit daring and at the same time careless about life too. So i decided to take the risk of lighting red candles instead of white ones (red is supposed to attract evil spirits) so after sometime at around 12.45 we experienced a spirit thru the board. This is how our conversation went on.

Us: welcome.
Entity: thank you.
Us: who are you?
Entity: I am brown.
Us: is that your name?
Entity: yes.

Us: how old are u?
Entity: now 28 when died 23.
Us: how did you die?
Entity: killed me.
Us: who killed u?
Entity: not your business.

At this moment I did something foolish and asked.

Us: are you an evil spirit?
Entity: yes.

I was happy and as well as scared. My friend told me ask this.

Us: are you going to hurt us?
Entity: no, not at all.

Now I did something more foolish and asked him to prove his presence.

Entity: ok I will now turn the television on, which was in my room.
Us: ok do it.

I really didn’t realise at that moment that I was actually opening a passage to the outside world for that spirit. Before I could say something it came out. Though the television got on, I couldn’t see the spirit the only thing I saw that freaked me out was the ouija board which said “now I am going to hurt you”.

At this moment without knowing what to do we just went out of the room and sat in front of the God’s photo and started praying. Meanwhile I’ve started hearing sounds from my room. I saw thru the key hole that my television was broken. I’ve also heard strange laughters and screams. At that time I was more happy that I didn’t faint leaving my friend alone.

I’ve sat at that place till next morning. The next morning I went inside but found nothing so I took the ouija board broke it into 7 pieces and buried it somewhere very far. But it was of no use. The spirit stayed back in my room forever scaring me. My friend who was everything to me had to unfortunately shift their house in an another city. She left me and I was all alone by myself. I continued to stay in my house.

Later one night as always sleeping alone, heard somebody screaming. I got up but to my shock I saw a tall figure standing next to my bed with glowing red scary eyes. I saw it and ran out of the room and never slept there again. But it never stopped. Something was always next to me and scared me and finally one day I was forced by that spirit to kill myself.

That was it. I changed my house and live in a place which is very far from my old house. Now I am happy to say that I have no freaking incidents going on in my life. So I now hope that everyone of you have realised that ouija board are not for fun. They are true, dont think of messing with it.