True Story Happened to Our Family

This is a story that happened to our family in one house, i swear this is true. I can’t say I believe in ghosts even though I was involved with this story, the matter is I didn’t see anything for myself I have to go off what other people saw during the year. We (my family) moved to a house about 7 years back, I never liked the house from day one there was always something about it that gave me the creeps, my little brother was the worst in the house he hated it.

This house was haunted I know it sounds crazy but I promise you this is no lie this house was haunted, it was haunted by a Victorian girl I never saw her or had any experiences but more then one person in the house did. The first time she came to light was when my little brother would never go to the toilet by himself, the toilet was located downstairs at the bottom of the stairs, if you opened the door you could see straight up the stairs, my brother would never shut the door and make my mum sit on the stairs watching.

When asked why he one day told us because of the girl who waits on the stairs, he said she looked no older then ten and wore a black frilly dress. We at the time thought he was making this up and how wrong would we be in the end, the next event was when we had a sleep over and a load of our cousins and friends came to stop, in the middle of the night about four of them woke up I cant remember how many they said they could hear running on the stairs and when they went to look there was no one there.

They never came back to stop again, even then I had my doubts though most people were beginning to believe it was haunted. Then one day when me, my sis and bro all stopped out leaving my mum and dad alone in the house they said that all the time they was in the living room they could hear some one running around in my bedroom they checked several times but went hey got into the room it stopped and no one was there.

Then my brother ran in the living room crying one day, when my mum entered the kitchen one of the pans had been knocked of the cooker on to the floor, my mum shouted at my brother but to this day he claims he saw a hand grab the pan and throw it down.

Then the last two events are what made us move from the house, these two both happened on the same day we moved a week later, first event was when my dad could hear running in my bedroom again and I should have been in my mums room waiting for my sis to finish in the bath, she would be in the bathroom and me in my mums room next to bathroom, she was scared.

He got to the bottom of the stairs as he did so he saw a girl run along the landing into my mum’s room, where I was sat on her bed. He then shouted up telling us both to stop playing around and for my sis to get in the bath like she was told!

I told my dad my sis was in the bath as I’m sat I’m in mums room waiting for her to finish. Then that night my dad awoke and turned to my mum telling her to look at the bottom of the bed, my mum did, her and my dad both saw the girl in the black dress stood their watching them.

All these events true happened as far as I can tell I never saw anything myself but why would they all lie, I still find it hard to believe in ghosts, my cousin who live son the street as told me that since then three people have moved in the house and moved back out because of the little girl, maybe they do exists, true scary thoughts.