True to Believe

During my byte, my senior said from my older brother, “When you finish your work, come over to xx.” On that day, after having finished cutting bytes, there was something to clean the ventilator, so about 3 hours of service overtime. My seniors left me alone and the other person, “I’m sorry but I do not see you as my older brother.”

“Oh, I thought that I had done the work, we got a job.” About two hours my seniors returned and my seniors explained the circumstances. Try asking. She seems to be able to see her older brother’s girlfriend (hard to understand). During the date “Aichike!” or “Do not follow!” Or “I’m on the back of the car but do not mind.” She seems to be suddenly a person. (It seems that my boyfriend has gone now.)

The rumor that she drank with a boyfriend and a boyfriend in a pub is confined to the spirit. Of course I was half confident. I thought it was a lie. When asked properly. Suddenly the tone began to change, the eyes did not focus together, and the boyfriend was uncontrollable. I started to take off my clothes myself in the middle of the road and cry out.

It seems that a taxi driver who saw it misunderstood her boyfriend as “stalker is hitting a woman.” Five or six cars are surrounded by a taxi, but a boyfriend who is a little drunk can not believe it even if explaining the circumstances. Luck, “I can not trust until some parents come.” It is told that parents are inconvenient and my seniors have been borrowed.

After that, her parents also came and explained properly “This girl is easy to be taught really.” Luck was finally able to read the situation and retreat. It seems that my senior came home with this girlfriend. The rattling trembling, the eyes are empty, clothes can not be worn.” “Because her hair is long, Sadako of Bali is enough. Senpai “because maybe it is attached to me.” Telling me, we started salt watering on our heads and weeded on (otori). I true to believe in ghosts when I hear such a story nearby.