Tunnel of Inukane Pass

I was a student at the time, when I remained well after school with a friend called Takeda, I repeated a desperate Da Veri. Because I did not have club activities. Well, both I and Takeda liked the scary story, so I enjoyed having to buy a scary story. Occasionally girls came in and caught caca while spending time of dusk after school. Eventually we will have the last summer vacation before taking the exam.

Takeda and I were chatting as usual, but it turned out that I was going to visit the Inugai Pass at night, somehow getting up something from summer vacation and the depression of the exam. Inukane Pass is a very famous spiritual spot in Kyushu, it is a dangerous place where everyone says if it is an adult, because it is dangerous to stop by. (It is blocked now).

Something will surely happen if you pass through the tunnel there. To be honest, I learned a strange feeling of exaltation, but at the same time I was biting. However, I am afraid that I am young and I can not say “scary”. Not much was shown to his close friend Takeda. Takeda’s face looked pure black in the sharp silhouette of dusk. Since I was a country student, we did not have a license.

So we took a local line and gathered at the local station. Then it is just a walk away. It was a story that there was a bus in the middle. And as I entered the summer vacation, as the day of the decision approached as usual in the hot weather, I felt uneasy about what I did. After that I talked to Takeda over the phone many times, but regrettably Takeda seemed quite impressive. Stop talking about me once in the talk stream? When laughing, the laugh of Takeda’s stupid echoed in my ears.

Since then I did not call the day. Shall I show up showing a figure more afraid than scary! It solidified with the determination that it is. And that day came. That day that will break up with Takeda. The rain which started shaking from the other day did not stop even in the morning. I was lazy on the bed until the evening of my meeting. As time passed, I wanted to stop Takeda to stop, so I grabbed the receiver many times, but I could not say it and went out.

“Why such a pet’s games.” As I was going to start, I managed to get to the local station while listening to the station staff. It is already dim. The rain drizzle and it is drawing an umbrella, but the inside gets moisturized. It was earlier than 30 minutes earlier than the appointed time that we arrived at the meeting station. It was a station that was not popular.

The stationer also enters the old station building and shows his back. Although I was wet in the summer, I trembled. I think that I was afraid to be honest. Eventually it was a promised time. However, Takeda will not come. I will wait for the next train. But Takeda will not come again. “That guy.” To be honest I was delightful. I thought that, I could go home. However, the ruffled anger was strong because it was young.

“He was, how about you?” At that time a voice caught from behind. It was Takeda of angry face.
“How long have you kept me waiting! Was it a local set?”
“What? It’s a local station?”
“You. I guess you always stayed at the foot of the pass?”

Takeda was still impatient because of waiting alone alone, but I walked ahead to go early. I hurriedly followed. Takeda has already told me once and has told me. However, Takeda seemed afraid to say that he was quite silly. The face looked pale and it looked. Soon we began to see it. But from then on it was a gravel road suddenly. While desperately following Takeda while I was dim, I noticed that an iron fence was hanging from it.

We, It is only because of youthfulness. I broke the key hanging on the iron fence with a big stone picked up on a gravel road. Takeda was my duty as he had no physical strength. It took a while but the key was broken. It seems that it was a considerably old key. From there we just climbed a gravel road that grew dauntlessly in the middle of the plentiful grass from both sides.

The day was beside me as soon as it was raining. We climbed up with a flashlight. As I climbed about thirty minutes, I saw a tunnel like blackly painting the darkness there. The inside is pitch dark. It was darkness I had never seen. I was getting cold when the back muscle. “Here this.” Takeda said with a trembling voice.

“While waiting here earlier it was not dark yet, but.” We watched over and peeked inside. It is as if it is connected to hell. In the daytime it would have been able to see the brightness of the exit on the other side. It was like a tunnel that really ended forever as it was nightly night. “Here, is something going to happen?” Takeda got an extra taste, and undoubtedly clasped my clothes.

“Oh, come over to you,” Takeda said to me with a trembling voice.
“Do not push.”

It is the mountain night where there is no insect bites because of rain. Only the light of our flashlight was lighting. However, the light also has disappeared into the darkness. I have already been useless. I am not scared. It seemed to be honest. I said to Takeda. “I’m sorry. I, impossible. Let’s go home.” But Takeda will not let go of it.

“Wow you idiot! Can you come back so far?” I was pushed by Takeda and progressed a while ago.
“I can not do! I can not bear it.”
“Because I will not come, I will be able to wait here forever.”
“Tell me something! I will go home!”

Takeda goes into the tunnel as long as my clothes hurt. I tried desperately and hastily.
“Stop it!”
“Come from good! Hurry!”

Takeda steadily pushes me to the back of the tunnel. I gave it back in a feeling that I could expect it to cut Takeda indefinitely. It is because I have more physical strength than Takeda. However, Takeda’s power was stronger than usual, I could not pretend. “Even if it’s okay that is not such a scary, let’s go together.” At that time I noticed something.

“You were you waiting here?”
Takeda “……”
“On the way here. The key of the iron fence was locked.”
Takeda “……”
“About the time. I was waiting 30 minutes earlier than I arrived at the meeting place. Waiting forever. When did you wait?”

I noticed that not only Takeda was pulling me back in the tunnel then. From behind, from the side. A lot of hands are pulling me through the tunnel. Takeda shook him for saying that the scream came out of my throat. “Let’s die soon.” A future story. I wish I had fainted when the locals took some wild plants, they seemed to be found. I slept a few days with a bad temper. I learned that Takeda at the hospital scared the appointment the day. It did not speak to Takeda as much as that.