Two Weeks Haunted by Ghosts

I got into terrible eyes. Origin was that we went to the disaster area at 3.11 the week before last. It was already far away in 2011, but I have lived in some areas of the disaster area. So I went to visit my old knowledge after two years passed. I went to the afflicted area in 2012 as well. This time it was sightseeing rather than sort of worse.

I visited a acquaintance to report on the current situation, I went to the market and watched the traces of the disaster. If I think now. Although the disaster area where there are relatively people was well restored. Yamada town and Kamaishi Umi residential district remained almost untouched.

I came back from the afflicted area and the next day I went back to the apartment living alone. So the first thing happened. I woke up as I slept on March 12th. Watching the clock around 5 in the morning. It was still dark. The moment I turned off the power of the screen of the smartphone whether I would fall asleep anymore. It fits well.

At the moment of being trafficked, I thought “Oh, this is a bad guy.” Although it was common to be bound at bedtime. At this moment I felt a bad feeling at all the moment I was criminalized. My bed is at the wall of a one room. I was trapped under the feeling that I turned my back to the center of the room. Then a man’s crooked voice.

“Minami Amida Buddha! Minami Amida Buddha! Minami Amidad Buddha!” And I heard a voice chanting with a terrible deep voice. At the same time, as if peeling or crackling plywood “Mishi. Baka.” I hear the sound. It came closer and closer. At that moment, the chill ran over the whole body whilst being in a crush.

Although I thought that it was going to get goose bumps even in the wrestling. Anyway, I had a feeling that it would be ridiculous if I saw something coming from behind. There was probably not even one minute being encountered. Anyway, I spent singing out the Wakasa Kei. I was memorizing myself for such a time but I did not think it would actually be reciting.

A sound like cracking the ply wood comes right back “No more no.” At the moment I thought, the forefinger moved. The bondage can be solved with this! And if you move desperately without saying your feet without saying your hands. The crackling was broken and the sound like folding a man’s nun Buddha and a plywood board disappeared with the bag.

In a hurry, I looked back, but there was nothing in the room anymore. The feeling of relief that it was saved was terrible and it seemed to be stunned. Watching the clock around 5 o’clock in the morning. Although it is dark it is 5 o’clock in the morning but a ghost is coming out. I was impressed. When I felt relieved I wanted to go to the toilet, I got off the bed and went to the toilet.

There is a toilet in front of the toilet. As soon as I tried to get back to bed, the mirror came in my eyes. At that moment my back fluttered. “Something stood up behind now.” I instinct. Even like this occasionally. I thought this ghost is a ghost I want to see. But I knew it would be fancy if I saw it. I hurried back to bed so as not to watch the mirror like a crab walk.

I went back to bed and put a futon in my head. It’s already five o’clock and I have not slept twice already. Anyway I did not go to bed like watching smartphone and thought about crushing time. So, as soon as we picked up the bedside smartphone. It appears on a dark screen of a smartphone. It was the face of a white-haired grandmother who became loessing yellowish brown with spoiled.

“Huh!?” As soon as I thought that screen was pointing my grandfather’s cube disappeared. Just to be sure, I deleted the screen again and confirmed it, but only my face was visible. It seemed to be faint to be honest. The outside began to whiten at five thirty but honestly I was going crazy. Because my family’s okan always gets up at around 5:30 pm. I was frightened, but I got scared and called an Okan.

I was late but spec. I 24 years old. Company slaughter. I am from Iwate prefecture now. No inspiration No fear experiences. The place I lived in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. It hit the affected area. After calling for a while, I had a chance. Okan was still asleep. I cried half.

“I got on the apartment now.” When saying, Okan was exclaiming “What?” By talking about what I was doing now, Okan’s first voice was “brought me.” When I heard it, I finally thought that “I might have brought him to this place.” And it was the moment the Okan said “I brought him.” A scared electric appliance disappeared with the sound “batting!” I thought if the heart would jump out of my mouth.

“The electricity is gone now!” And as soon as the phone was live, the electric lamp. “Bach! Bee Bee Bitch!” And it blinked with terrible momentum. If you desperately asked Okan for help to keep sanity. “Nembutsu! Nembutsu!” It was said. I chanted but it did not make sense. At the end “Do not call me a lamp stand!” The light of the electric lamp disappeared.

That was the last spiritual phenomenon of the day. For the time being, the phenomenon fell. I had a conversation with Okan and Othon for about 30 minutes. What matched two people “I was not possessed by an apartment.” It was that. I came also to preview, but I did not feel bad. Therefore, increasingly “the theory that brought from the afflicted area” became powerful.

So Othon changed his telephone. “It’s okay if you cast it three times with Namandadasu.” And enjoyed the folk remedy exclusion method. Together Hei Yoshinaga I challenged in full but it was slightly upside down that I had no effect, but I heard it for the time being. After that, my sister called me with an interesting voice around 7 o’clock, but I did not want to remember honestly, so I told him properly.

I went to the office as it was, but the bad thing about waking up was stupid. The appearance seemed to be funny, so my boss asked me, “Did something happen?” I talked everything I had in mind. The section chief was listening with a hearty laugh. I wanted to honestly be honest. In the end I think that only the section chief seriously believed in the company people.

The manager’s wife seems to be a former nurse but he seems to be a “visible person.” I think that he believed in it. The section manager has been promoting salty salt. If it is a salty salt I thought I’d do it easily if I got home and practice it. After that I talked to various people. One female employee. “It seems that it seems to be in a disaster area.” He looked sorry for me.

To be honest I wanted to go back to the apartment strongly from the company but I had no choice but to return. When I came home and opened my apartment in my room, the air was different. It was somewhat heavy and it seemed not to be my room. I thought that I’m still here. I thought I’d do things to do anyway.

When I came home and rolled the salt at the shoulder mouth with haste, salt it on the dish and put it at the entrance. A little air became lighter. On that day, he recalled Wakushinkai. When was it on the bedside When I was sleeping on my body I pulled my swordburnt that I bought a little while and I bought it by myself.

Because monsters dislike money and written in various books. I was going to pierce you if a ghost arrived. Trying to fall asleep that day “Does not it come to restraint again?” I woke up thinking, but I managed to get to bed. But it was March 14th the next day. I also awoke in the middle of the night.

It was exactly three am when I saw the watch. The moment when I thought “Oh, this is.” Buon! Together with the sound of the computer comes with the power itself. More than scary something or the like. I got very angry though I was interrupted by my sleep. I turned off my computer and went to the toilet and got into the futon again. Gradually I got angry with a ghost.

Although it was 3 o’clock in the midnight, I was screaming around in the room, I shouted out with this bastard and swayed swords in the empty space. In this case it was cool and sleeping when it was a fine guy. As it was, I went to the company after a while. My boss stopped me. I wonder what it is. “You are funny today, have you come out again?” He told me what he was doing.

“Came out!” My boss was bitter smile. I do not remember it well, but according to my boss’s story. It seems that I was clearly empty that I was trying to return the materials dealt during the morning meeting as a whole or not having a response. There is not as much as honest spirit but as it is deceived that it is insufficient sleep because it disturbs sleep. My boss turned out to be a difficult face on the contrary.

And “If you are an accident car accident you can not write” Cause ghosts “in the accounts books” I was told with serious eyes. In other words it was said “somehow”. To be honest I did not want to take too much care. I thought about doing it for the first time at this time. Then, without arrows and shields calling Oton. “Actually there is such a thing.”

I told the restraint. Papan made a reaction that can not be said as “huh.” I have a shrine in the neighborhood first. It was supposed to be something extraordinary to be exorcised there. After a while Oton had a phone call. “I reserved the spiritual tomorrow, so do not eat meat or liquor from today at 12 o’clock.” It was said. When I heard the reservation, it was a famous Shingon sect temple in the local.

I was told that it costs as much as I hear the cost I am honest “If it costs you money, salt it and sweat with me!” He argued. “Omer in such a case, I wonder” I woke up with anger by Oton. On the day of exhilaration my older sister was supposed to accompany her. According to the story I plan to do quite a powerful exorcism. Perhaps it may be impossible to drive the return trip. I was honestly gakuburu.

When I arrived at the temple, I have seen it many times. I was slightly excited because I never actually got inside. The first woman wearing a priest came out. “Come now” to here. And gently passed me. When speaking to the lady the outline of things. My aunt pulled out a stick of something about 40 centimeters in length. I started to do something like fortunetelling. While watching my name on paper I did it for a while as a jacket. I was fingering with a rattling piece like a building block placed on the desk. When the fortune ended, that lady was a word and a word. “I wonder if it will be expelled.”

“Huh, ha, ha, I thought that I would be expelled with your spiritual power of you!” Medium two diseased words like echoing in my head. I got a little squeezed at the same time I made it a bit sluggish. Honest “I wonder if it is expensive.” I thought that the dialogue appears in reality. I thought that it would be safe to sleep peacefully with that I could raise even one of seniors as much as I could relax.

I was scared of inner thought that it was a ridiculous situation. A couple came after a while. About thirties, it was a sincere monk who seems to be sincere as you see it. I thought that it is due to the personality of this duty in the local that famous fortune telling and exorcism. By the way I did not write, but the principal of the temple I went through is Fudo Star. Then the priesthood explained me carefully about what I possessed.