Ueno Business Hotel

It is a story when I stayed at a business hotel in Ueno some years ago, but it was near late night that I reached the hotel. When people came to the front of the room as being guided by a person in charge who was in a dark corridor, things like chills running all over the body run “Do not get into this room!” The feeling of running also ran.

By the way, I do not have any inspiration. It was midnight, the clerk opened the door and put the baggage, and I could not say that I wanted to change the room now. So I tried to enter the room unavoidably, Setsuna, my feet peculiarly, I made a note to step into the area I should not enter. Of course I can not hear any sound. The door closed.

When I got into the shower and entered the place quickly, when I was idle, I heard a thin voice from the wall. The voice grew bigger and became like something like a tradition. She was a woman. While squeezing my neck, he laughed and laughed a corner of a red lipstick like a human being. Is it a bondage? My body does not move.

The bathroom you used earlier is reflected in your mind, blood stain! Is it? Next scream! It is! Footsteps of people coming and going to the blistering front of the first floor! It is! After such video and sound was over, the woman who was strangling me was gone. My whole body dripped cold sweat, but I did not feel like going back to the bath again.

In the morning without sleep, I left the room on the second floor. I could not listen to “Where did the woman commit suicide?”, But with the smile of the front in the back. It was quite a kitsui experience just because there is no inspiration.