Unexplainable Project Incident

Late afternoon in July 17, 2008 I had just finished building the clear plexiglas (acrylic) case for the small project I had been working on over a few days. The project consisted of some plastic and ceramic human and animal figures arranged in a very special way. These figures can stand on their own but easily tip over so they had to be glued on some kind of platform.

I had the pattern of the platform in mind and I decided to construct the platform from the plexiglas sheet left over from the plastic case which I had just built. I laid out the plastic and ceramic figures on a piece of paper, placed the plexiglas case over to verify dimensions, then from there I drew the pattern. Now, it should be noted that plexiglas is not an easy material to work with.

It is almost as hard as glass. The specific plexiglas sheet I used was 1/8 inch thick. To cut a piece from this sheet, a scour at least 1/16 inch deep must be made on the sheet and then snap or break off the piece by shearing, i.e., by bending or hammering on the piece while holding the sheet against a flat surface. If the scour is not deep enough, the plastic will break off radomly and an undesired cut will be made.

The pattern I wanted for the platform was something very special. It had six sides so six pieces had to be cut from the plexiglas sheet which meant I had to scour and shear six times. I had no cutting machine for the plexiglas so I used whatever tool was available. Unfortunately, the scours I could make using these impoverished tools would not be deep enough. Nevertheless, I started to cut the first piece.

During shearing, the plexiglas broke off randomly about midway along and 8 degrees from the scour. The cut was straight and smooth but 5 mm short of the pattern! Now this cut was off the pattern and not what I desired. I thought of cutting another plexiglas sheet to be perfect but I did not like to repeat and encounter the same difficulties. So I continued scouring and breaking off the rest of the pattern on the plexiglas.

Finally the platform was finished but I was disgusted knowing that the platform was not what I wanted. Then the “moment of truth!”. I placed the case over the platform. Lo and Behold! The case and the platform were a perfect fit! What I cannot explain here is that the platform would have been 5 mm too long if the plexiglas had not snapped off randomly.

Needless to say that if the plexiglas had broken off according to the scoured pattern, the finished platform would not have fit perfectly under the case. This would have meant more work! And another thing, that particular portion of the platform which was cut when the plexiglas broke off randomly was the straightest and smoothest of all the cuts that were sheared off from the poorly scoured pattern.

Was this incident a mere coincidence? I would have said yes for quick and easy reasoning, but no, I believe not if things have to be perfect! Here again there was something paranormal. Could it be that perfection or success achieved inspite of impoverished odds would have been impossible without something paranormal behind it? Examples of these perfection and success will be too numerous to mention but one of them is yourself. Search yourself and in retrospect of some event in your past it is very probable that you would say, “how did I do it? That was impossible!”.