University Elevator

One day I decided to work alone at the research building of the university for material research. The room to do its work is on the 8th floor and it is comfortable if you move by elevator. As I was dirty so I do not want to use it very much, I usually used exercise stairs. But today it was midnight that the research work was over, so it was the beginning of the mistake that we decided to ride the university elevator which we would not normally ride.

The elevator in the research building of the university that I was passing was very old. Moreover, maintenance was not done. From when did the lights change. It seemed that my eyes were getting worse as I repeatedly flickering. The push button which is up to the 8th floor seemed to be cigarette pressed, and it was putting on the strain.

The walls of the elevator are full of scribbles. Some guy who just wrote downward retribution words, there were long ago umbrellas and abusive words. I entered and had a big show on the front, but I turned discolored brown and I did not use anyone. Moreover, inside the elevator I did not know whether somewhere aho had urinated, but it was stinky.

That’s why I use this elevator when I go from the first floor to the eighth floor. Just when carrying heavy luggage, it was like an implicit rule. When I see some unfamiliar first grade rides, in my heart. “Oh, my condolences.” I thought like that. I studied about materials of science and engineering in college and graduation research was also a material system.

Those who do not know anything are goods research. It seems that it is cool when listening (in the case of my friend). Actually, it took me so much time leaving the machine. Moreover, it is the present kitsui study saying that we can keep an eye on our eyes. At that time, in order to observe the metal with a special microscope. We had to cut round metal clusters into plates.

After going to the 8th floor with the elevator. It took about 8 hours to work, so I got acute depression. I am not to say that I am a sports organization, but my physical strength was quite good. So, a lesser movement than a stinky elevator came up to the 8th floor with a dash. There were also reasons why I could not do it for 8 hours without having to refresh my mood.

Initially, few people visit the 8th floor of the research building. The eighth floor is because most of it is a storage room except the room with the metal cutter. In fact, even at that time there was absolutely no sign of a person besides me. Well, in any case I entered a metal cutter room to finish metal working.

After program input to the metal cutter, I just had to watch the rest. It is only good, but it took as long as 8 hours as I wrote earlier. I was around 6 o’clock when I finished the program. It is a simple calculation that will end around 2 o’clock in the evening. It was a completely confirmed course as the last train of electricity was completed perfectly.

I also thought of calling a friend, but only when I said so, everyone got up early. That is why my girlfriend’s toast was over. The metal cutter does not have to do anything as long as it has a program. It is forbidden to leave a long time for safety measures at your time. If you say the other way around, you have to go away and do not do things. I quickly read through the mangers I brought in advance.

Well eating a lunch (convenience box lunch), eating, carrying on a cell phone, reading a continuation of a manga. Such a machine finally became machine sound to inform the end of work. After checking the clock, it is 2:10 late behind the expected time. To me who decided to go to bed at college anyway. It was not a big difference whether 10 minutes late or fast.

Stop and clean the metal cutter and finish all steps of the day. I wanted to sleep in a good place if I slept anyway. I entered the elevator to head to the nap. Once I looked at the watch on my mobile phone I thought it was time to clean it at 2:30. Then, as usual as the blinking of the electric lamp and the bad odor as usual became unpleasant. I pressed the first floor button.

I did not write it a little while ago, but the elevator doors are made of glass so that the other side can be seen. I can not see it dirty as usual. The elevator began to slowly descend while setting a distinctive sound. Every time the floor and the 7th floor and the 6th floor change, the hallway can be seen through the window. Not only on the 8th floor, I thought that there might be only me in this whole building.

The corridor was completely dark, because the sign of the man did nothing at all. The elevator moves while thinking such a thing. So when we passed the 5th floor and came to the 4th floor, strange things happened. The elevator ceased and the door opened. Of course there is no one. Even though I thought that it might be near, if I looked around and looked around, there was no one.

While closing the door thinking it was strange, the elevator began to descend. Then, I was watching the glass of the elevator door and the bindery. Oh no, nobody is here, I thought that it was pitch dark. The elevator glass at night is like a mirror because of the dark outside. And then I noticed. I swear and say.

I definitely got on the elevator where there was no one, no one was going to ride without a doubt. But, inside the glass mirror, surely a woman with a long headache. I was standing behind. I was waiting for the first floor to come without being able to look back and move. I forced the day and rolled into my friend’s house.

The next day I talked about this, but I could not believe it at all. I still clearly remember what my friend said at that time. “Because that elevator, it’s out of order for a month and it will not move.” What was the woman I saw at that time, what was the elevator I got on at that time? I still do not know.