What on Earth Were You?

Until last year, I lived in Mitaka, Tokyo. When I was around 4 o’clock in the morning in my room in the apartment certainly someone came and 10 yen like a burner or something baked in the mailbox was put in. I thought about seeing who is doing the moment of entering, and peeked into the peephole at midnight.

Then suddenly from under the sight of the peephole, a guy like New Yashikiki came out, laughing out laughing. I scared and screamed. I told the police, but you did not opponate me. I bought 15 yen for 10 yen but I threw it away. I have stopped coming anytime. I am afraid that the eyebrows are thin and I remember the face with bad tooth alignment that the eyes were apart.

When first noticing 3 pieces. I did not mind much. On the day the 4th piece came, I heard a lullaby from the outside in the middle of the night, heard a sound from the mailbox. Perhaps because of lyrics everyday it is a delusional song of a woman. Something that is banished by birds, not singular.

Sleeping without worrying much, the next day I woke up the next day I burned 10 yen. And when I was 5th, I came surrounded by Omikuku. In the sixth piece, I have tied up about four hair and soon I thought it was creepy. After screaming, when I tried to call the police and went to the phone, I got into my mailbox thrusting my fingers and pulling it.

I became increasingly frightened. And the moment I took the receiver, I was shouted for songs that I did not understand from the place where the mailbox was opened. The mountain broke, Tengu came and everyone else something like. So I noticed too much noisiness, a phone came from a friend next to me on the phone.

When asked “What’s wrong?” And speaking all the time, the neighbor was supposed to call the police. It became bullish from the sense of security that the police will come, “Tame, what the heck is going to disappear!” I took a door kick. Then she cried and came to beat the door with an umbrella or something. I’m outrageously stubborn and I’ve taken out the bat and went out.

Soits was a tearful face, and as blood got out (actually) I was scratching my face and arms and tied up my teeth, “You see it together again.” I murmured a word and ran away. The next day I saw the mailbox, the tailed cat’s tail was put in. I found it and threw up right away. Although it came not to come after that, neither neighbors nor ever said that it was not such a thing, I do not remember it in Soitz. What on earth were you?