Whose Hand Was I Holding?

Anyways, This one is one of the many I’ve experienced. This happened after my grandfather’s funeral “God bless his soul”. I’m what you call a 2nd-hand smoker, I always, always stick near to my grandfather. So I was pretty heartbroken when he left the world.

I volunteered to keep watch one night during the funeral. making sure no black cat ard, etc. So I was lazily playing blackjack with my relatives when suddenly got black out. The older relatives quickly order everyone around. Hold the person’s hand nearest to you and don’t move about.

I heard there is a superstition about this, when a blackout happens during a funeral, it means there is alot of “Spirits” around. So I quickly grabbed the nearest hand I could and held tight. Now at this moment, I remembered the hand I was holding on to was quite bony, and I was holding it the way I usually held hands with my grandfather.

Grabbing his index, middle and ring finger. But as soon as I realised that, the lights slowly came on. I thought it must’ve been one of the older relatives, but to my surprise, there was no one besides me. Question was, whose hand was I holding?