Woman Ghost Floating Outside The Hotel

Pangkor Island is located off the state of Perak. The peace and serenity of the fishing villages and her small towns is an ideal location from the hustle and bustle from everyday life. This was our choice to spend 2 days here during our school holidays. To get away from school work and more important to give our parents a much needed break from us. There are 6 of us and we managed to rent 2 rooms in a “not so expensive” beach hotel.

The first day was simply fantastic spending time on games and swimming on the sandy beaches and the sea water. At the end of the first day, we decided to have a BBQ on a beach just below the hotel. At the same time, they met a group of school girls who was staying in the same hotel. We invited the girls for BBQ with us on the beach and they agreed. They were busy laughing, chit-chatting and eating the hot-dogs and sausages.

Then we notice that the boys from 7th floor were calling out to the girls on the beach. They were taunting the girls saying, “Pretty girls, come with us.” The girls just ignored their calls and we just carried talking. The next day we carried as we did on previous day, spending the time mostly on the beach. After dinner, I noticed my friend looking up where the boys were at the 7th floor which was dark. He then said, “They must have left.” I said simply added, “Yeah, guess so”.

My friend look very troubled and scared he went back to their room and covered himself with the blankets. Thinking that he must not be feeling well, we decided to leave him alone. We had breakfast before going back to our homes. My friend did not very well and was still paled. We tried to ask him whether he was alright but he just brushed us off.

When we finally got home at 3 pm, we again asked him what is wrong. This time he finally revealed what is wrong. It seemed that at the boys’ room on the 7th floor, he saw a woman ghost floating outside the hotel towards the boys’ room. The woman ghost must have heard the taunts from the boys and thought they were calling her.