Woman on a Security Camera

A story when I was working part time job at a convenience store. A night after entering about 3 months. Seniors who were planning to go up at midnight on the same day with the same night shifts. I asked “I wish I could stay until dawn today.” Uchi’s shop will be working alone by 1 o’clock in the morning, from 1 o’clock to 6 o’clock the next morning.

“I do not mind careless but did you do something?” There must be no reason to work overtime without a special job on that day. “It’s not a job I have already cut the time card. Just let me stay in the office.” A narrow office at the end of the door in the cashier. There is a desk for office, a changing room, and storage shelves for inventory in a long space next to it.

A room where two people managed to pass through. It’s about 3 or 4 hours to stay in such a place. “It was close to the senior’s house, did not I lose the key even about 5 minutes walking?” When I asked, my senior said with a bitter smile “I have something I want to check a bit, do not laugh.”

According to my seniors’ story. When you are doing a night shift by yourself, from inside the store where there should not be anyone when you are in the office. He says that he says “I’m sorry” A chime notifying guests may malfunction due to wind or vibration. Conversely, it is sometimes that people do not ring even when it comes in.

“Huh, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” And when you go out to the store from the door in the cashier there is no one in the shop. On another day, I was sorry that I’m sorry while working in my office. Since I was working at an office desk near the door this time, I will immediately go to the store, but no one is there anymore.

You can also quickly look at the monitor of security cameras to the voice of “sorry sir” that I heard even another day. Not to mention the inside of the shop, nor the camera reflecting the table immediately at the shop. I heard that this is 1 or 2 times a week. “You have not experienced that?” Seniors asked at the end so.

I myself am doing a night shift about twice a week, but I do not remember having such a thing. When I shake my head, my senpai said “Is that so.” with a bitter smile again “Anyway thank you for asking.” And entered the office. Two hours passed and then three o’clock in the morning. There were almost no visitors on that day, and with the cooperation of seniors, work was completed as soon as possible and we were chatting in the office.

When a ridiculous story went up and I was forgetting the reason why my seniors remained also in Carefree. “Excuse me.” Immediately behind him, a voice was heard from behind the door leading into the store. When I looked back on my seniors who remembered my seniors’ story. The senior who was watching the monitor noticed my eyes and shook his head. After all no one is reflected.

Even while being impatient inside, I. “There is a blind spot of the camera near the cashier, so I will check it for the time being.” When reaching the door to get out inside the store. “wait!” Senpai suddenly lifted his voice. Senpai who surprised and stiffened pointed to a part of the monitor “this.” Senpai’s pointing place.

Inside the cashier reflected on the monitor. The lower half of the door to the office reflected in the dead corner of the security camera. There was long black hair and a woman’s leg there. It is not standing, either. Thinking about the state of the woman from the part reflected on the camera it is clinging to the wall. A woman’s leg stuck to the wall. And long hair hiding the top of the knee.

The monitor only shows it there. I could not look back. It’s just from my chest to the top of the head just behind my door. Square window of about 50 centimeters on a side. Because it felt like a woman was watching this one that was supposed to be peeking from the other side while becoming a magic mirror. “Had disappeared.”

When I regained myself to one word of seniors, no one was already in the monitor. Now this time really no one. I asked my seniors to stay and remain until the end of my duty. Then for half a month until the end of the month, I worked while frightening myself. There was neither listening to the voice of the example nor the woman appearing on the monitor.

And the next month, seniors became interested in quitting the store and listening to the owner. The evening the next day I saw it with me. Asked from the owner how to view the recorded video of the security camera and said that they wanted me to quit the next morning. “I wonder what it is, I do not think he was doing something wrong.” When you hear how to view recorded videos from wonderful owners.

I saw the picture as soon as I became alone. “Ah.” I got the point of intersection. It was before the day the seniors remained. The evening where my seniors were working at night by themselves. Sore was also reflected in the image of the senior who goes out to the store in response to the voice from inside the shop without anyone.

Door to the office of the dead corner of the camera. A woman’s feet, hair and a door opens as if he clings to the wall, seniors will come out. Pass that woman. Surely my senior watched this. I returned the monitor to its original state and I decided to look for the next byte. After that, after that, I decided to continue the night shift at that shop for two years until I graduated from college.

Meanwhile I asked owners and juniors somehow, but there was no one who saw strange things. What was that exactly? Was it originally possessed by my senior Or was he attached to seniors? Just as I can not see it, I just can not hear it, are you still there? I have not understood anything anymore.