I worked the night-shift as a security-supervisor in an office-building . I had a team of six security-officers under me. One night I had to do the patrol because one man was down with sickness.

Hey Mok, let’s do our patrol” I said to one of my guy who was sitting on a couch beside me, half-awake I presumed.

The time was past three a.m. It was eerily quiet around the area where the Guard-House was located somewhere in the basement.

“Now?” Mok mumbled looking at his watch.
“Yup now.” I said shortly as I collected two torchlights from the drawer.

After I tested them. I locked the door . Mok dragged his feet slowly in front of me.

“Where to first Sup?” Mok looked at me, his eyes half-closed.
“We start at basement three first and then end at the first-floor lobby”.

Mok just nodded his head and followed behind.

“Basement three? Well I heard that” Mok tried to reveal something to me.
“You heard there’s a lady ghost in red walking around basement three?” I asked quickly.
“Yah, that’s what they said. Dally and Friz saw her and”.
“Nonsense it’s because they were lazy to patrol there that they created all silly ghost stories, Mok. I’ve worked here for eight months and I saw no ghost around, all bullshit. Come on, let’s walk”.


Mok was a bit reluctant I noticed. As we reached the entrance of basement three, I felt some kind of chill. I flashed my torchlight at every nook and crannies of the place. All I saw were so many shopping-trolleys spread around the car-park. Lazy shoppers. Mok was flashing his torchlight also. As Mok was playing with his torchlight, he thought he saw the trolley moved. He shone at it again. And it really moved as if someone was pushing it. Then all of a sudden it moved fast and hit the wall.

“Hey Sup, did you see that? The trolley moved” Mok said, sweating from the forehead. I saw it moved too so I cannot deny that.
“Let’s be calm Mok, don’t panic. We’re supposed to be the security of this place so we must be brave” actually I was scared too but as a leader I pretended to be tough.
“Let’s leave this place, let’s leave. I feel unsafe here” Mok’s voice trembled. His hand was shaking.
“Okay now we moved towards the exit door there that leads to the staircase” I pointed at exit door G.

We walked hurriedly towards exit G and Mok opened the small door. As he did so he shouted wildly.

“She’s there! She’s standing there!” he slammed the door. He was visibly shaken.

I tried to calm him and looked towards the exit door. It began to open slowly. A lady in a red flowing dress appeared. Her hair was long that it reached ankle. She walked slowly towards the car-park space and stopped. Then she began floating in the air and sat on one of the motorcycle parked there. Her head turned towards us. She had a sinister-look with her deep dark eyes piercing our eyes.

She combed her hair slowly with her fingers. Mok gripped my arm and turned his head away. I controlled my fear and stared back at her. She gave an evil-smile. My hair stood on end and I felt my body chilled to the bones.
Mok began to limp and dropped to the floor. I could not hold him as he was bigger than me. I immediately called for help with my walkie-talkie.

“Harry, Limm, quickly come over to basement three, emergency!”.

The lady rose up from the motorcycle and floated away to the big tree outside the carpark and I could see her amongst the leaves before she disappeared. I heard footsteps coming from the staircase. Two security-officers came running to us.

“You called us? What happened to Mok?” one of them asked.
“Yah I called, please carry Mok and bring him to my office” I commanded. They quickly carried Mok to the office.
“What happened to Mok Sup? Was he ill?” Limm asked.
“Er, you can ask him when he’s ok” I wrote my report but I didn’t write what had happened.

I just reported that Mok fainted because he was not well. That’s all. The lady in red. hmm. Who was she? Well, I’m not eager to find out about her. Anyway I left the job two years ago. It’s not because I was scared. I loved the job, but. Okay then, to the guys still working there, good luck and Mok yes he quit too and drove a taxi now I hope the lady in red was not one of your passengers.